Link Earning: What Is It and How To Do It

Everything was simpler in the era of link building. Before, SEO professionals only had to think about link building techniques in order to ensure that the websites that they operate will gain the traffic that it needs. The process of link building was simple enough – get a sufficient amount of links by submitting your website to different web directories, and let the traffic from those directories affect your website’s ranking.

Even though links are not necessarily the only factor to consider when increasing the rankings of a website in search engine results, they still carry a great significance in the formula for ranking. Regardless if it is manual or automatic, people have formulated new ways just to build links.

SEO professionalsNow, many SEO professionals are noticing a drop in interest in link building techniques. This is because many search engines, including Google, have noticed that link building has led some web professionals to use illegal or unfair techniques for SEO.

People have become more desperate in link building than offering valuable content for their websites. This drove search engines to penalize those who use links and keywords too much, and to rank websites with poor content lower in search engine results.

People always expect that their questions will be answered by search engines. If completely unhelpful and irrelevant websites make the top of the list, it would not help you, the visitor, nor the search engine. This is the reason why search engines invest so much time and effort in improving the algorithms that they use, so that websites deserving to be at the top are placed there rightfully. This tells website owners that if they are not committed in making sure that their websites have high quality and will help customers get what they need, and if they are not going to be accustomed to this “quality first” method of inbound link acquisition, then they really would not see any success.

Link building and link earning are just two sides of the same concept. The main difference between the two is that link earning is a higher form of link building. Link earning requires you to actually look for and provide helpful material for your targeted audience, instead of just looking for relevant websites to put your web links on.

Link earning is now the preferred way to improve SEO. Here are just some of the most important practices that you should do in order to master link earning.

•Provide great content.

contentThis is probably the most difficult thing to do when it comes to link earning. However, this is the one that will provide you with the best results. Great content is important in link earning. Not only should the content of your website be useful, but it should also be something that your readers will find shareable and actually worth reading even if they really do not need to do so. Once you have created good content, the next thing to do is for you to encourage people to spread the word about your website.


This can help you establish communication with the community you are targeting with the use of giveaways and competitions. You will host the contest on your website and you will promote it on social media platforms. This is a win-win situation because not only will you be increasing traffic for your websites, but your audience will also enjoy participating and winning prizes.

•Free Resources.

Another great way to get people to start talking about your website is by providing them with free things. No one passes an opportunity to get something useful for free. To do well with this technique, understand first what your target audience needs.

Search engines now look at content as the main factor in boosting a website’s rankings. Those that will provide high quality and helpful content to visitors will be the ones who will go up the results list. Search engines have started penalizing those who use shady techniques to get their websites to the top. However, even if this is currently happening, there are still some link building techniques that work. The difference that these new ways have from the old methods is that they focus more on growing links through more effort – something that you have to get used to.

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