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Are you looking for a PCB fabrication company that can complement your innovative designs? Worry no more because Imagineering, Inc. will always be ready to fulfill your printed circuit board needs. For over 27 years of existence, we are proven to be the leading manufacturer of high quality PCB products that are affordable in cost and are delivered on time. Our commitment to offer the best service to our clients made our company the standard in the industry.

From the state-of-the-art PCB fabrication equipments down to various materials and capabilities, our success has always been grounded by our main goal:

PCB Evaluate the needs of every customer, understand what the customer values and provide the best product and service that cover the customer’s constraints. Given these ends in minds, we are proud to say that the number of our clients have grown so much over the years. To make things better, our business relationships with them have been stronger than ever.

We manufacture extremely high-end printed circuit boards and reliable PCB prototypes that are suited for whatever innovations you have in mind. As committed as we are, we consistently coordinate with you to get your projects done just as when you need them. Our team of experienced specialists have developed a good practice for PCB design, prototyping and parts sourcing. The degree of complexity for every project that we encounter doesn’t matter as we have gathered skilled process engineers and line operators that are willing to do the job.

Our general services include PCB fabrication, prototype assembly, short-run assembly and components procurement. We are flexible enough in offering both full and partial turn-key services. PCB fabrication and assembly is covered by full turn-key services, together with procurement of parts, PCB manufacture, online order tracking and a series of inspections to determine product quality.

If a client opts to avail the partial turn-key service, he or she must be responsible for supplying the PCBs with the partial list of parts to be used. We, on the other hand, will be the one to continue the process of ordering the remaining parts and perform the assembly based from the product specifications given by the client. To make things convenient, we can also kit the parts.

To successfully avail the turn-key quote, several requirements are needed. These include the Bill of Materials (BOM), Gerber Data (274X Format) or Assembly Drawing, sample of the product (if available) and the printed circuit board (in case you have ordered beforehand from another company). Our easy to use online quote engine helps you get things done fast.

The success of our endeavors are made possible with our state-of-the-art, well-calibrated PCB assembly equipments that produce large volumes of high quality circuit boards. Given our high-tech environment, we don’t resort to the use of stencils in accomplishing your projects. Jetting technology is a non-contact method of applying solder paste by allowing it to build-up by single dots to achieve the right amount for each pad.

For your PCB fabrication needs, we offer rigid, flex and multi-layer printed circuit boards –

PCB-FabricationTo further improve the quality of your desired product, we offer substrates such as Nelcro, Arlon, Alumnimum PCBs and many others. Aside from that, we are also ready to manufacture printed circuit boards that are in compliance with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) legislation. This directive prohibits the use of cadmium, hexa-valent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), polybrominated biphenylethers (PBBE or PBDE), mercury and lead to be included as one of the substances for the manufacture of PCBs.

Our successful prototype deliveries for the previous year reached about 60,000. This was made possible because of our trusted overseas PCB facilities that were able to accomplish several projects and deliver them to 4,500 customers across the globe.

Constant expansion of our domestic and international markets has been the core advantage of Imagineering, Inc. With this, advanced techniques to improve automation and hasten production will be further researched. In the long run, we will continue to work hard in serving all of your PCB needs.


PCB creation and gathering is secured by full turn-key administrations, together with acquisition of parts, PCB fabricate, online request following and a progression of reviews to decide item quality. Here, you can get top quality items.

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